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JLS Designs Architecture & Planning

About JLS Designs

Architecture is defined as the art of creating a building. Interior Design is defined as the art of creating an interior.


JLS Designs Architecture & Planning strives to create spaces that unify these arts in a balanced union of aesthetics, function, and budget in order to fulfill the client's needs.


JLS Designs was established in 1999 by Joseph Sultana AIA, together with his wife, Lori Sultana, an interior designer. 

JLS Designs, a full service architectural firm, works closely with clients on all phases of a project. JLS will develop a client's conceptual ideas and desires into a reality by developing a full set of construction documents, obtaining the necessary work permits and overseeing a project through to its completion. JLS can provide construction management, if so requested by the client.


JLS Designs is an award winning firm that specializes in custom single family homes, but also has an extensive portfolio of Manhattan luxury apartments, new multi-family buildings, corporate spaces, retail and restaurants throughout all five boroughs and Long Island.

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